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    Julius Meinl products
    150 years of Vienna coffeehouse culture!
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    Julius Meinl coffe
    Julius Meinl coffee in your cup is only the very best coffee beans
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    Julius Meinl tea
    Julius Meinl is the oldest coffee and tea supplier in the Austrian food and beverage industry

Julius Meinl



Julius Meinl coffee inspires 3 million people daily and more than 1 billion every year!”


Julius Meinl – the leading coffee brand in Austria and Central & Eastern Europe. Company has 600 employees, head office in Vienna. Subsidiaries in 15 countries (CEE, Middle East, China , USA/Chicago). Julius Meinl products:

  • Coffees
  • Tea
  • Jams
  • Hot Chocolates

Selling coffees in over 70 countries worldwide, exports to over 55 countries. Julius Meinl buys its green coffee directly in the country of origin and has established long-term relationships with coffee farmers. The carefully selected coffee beans are roasted according to our typical Viennese roasting process. Since 1862 Julius Meinl coffee blends are produced with loving care. This applies to the selection of green coffees as well as gentle roasting and careful blending. Long standing cooperation with coffee growers and constant monitoring ensure a high level of quality.