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Tea Bags

“Assam Indian Blend” black teabags

teabags_AssamIndianBlend_01This high quality second flush black tea from the Assam region of Northern India is characterized by a fine malty taste as well as a red chestnut color.

1 package – 25 teabags.

“China Green Pure” teabags

teabags_ChinaGreenPure_01This Chinese green tea is harvested and prepared with utmost care, which enables the aroma to flourish. In the cup the tea fascinates by its bright yellow color.

1 package – 25 teabags

“Earl Grey Traditional Blend” black teabags

teabags_EarlGreyTraditional_01This exceptional Ceylon is harvested in Sri Lanka. Enriched with natural oil of the Bergamot orange to give the typical taste with a touch of citrus.

1 package – 25 teabags

“Fruit symphony” teabags

teabags_FruitSymphony_01This composition of sun-ripened fruits is particularly invigorating. The taste of hibiscus, apples and rose hip is blended with orange, cinnamon and lemon to achieve a well-balanced taste.

1 package – 25 teabags